Saturday, July 31, 2010

OMFG! Not my bitch Snooki!!!!!

OMG!! Snooki got arrested in SeaSide Heights for disorderly conduct!! They're currently shooting the third season of Jersey Shore and the second season just aired Friday. Get it 2gether Snooks. Love u gurl! Owwwww!!!

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Yaaaaayyyyy!!!!!! Bout Time!!

Tip And Tiny finally got married! Got damn!!!! It took him 2 go 2 jail, her to get two season of her show, and Beyonce to tell his ass if he like he betta put a ring on it! Ugh! But they finally did it. And im happy 4 them!

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Today was national dance day. Dancing is one of my fav hobbies. Its a passion of mines. So 2 see that its being recognized like this is very amazing to me.
Oh yeah...And Step Up 3D is less than a week away!!! Im so excited! Whoooo!!!!

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Friday, July 30, 2010

Ummm is this who I think it is??

Ummmm Nicki u my gurl and all...but....U was ugly as hell bak then!! LOL. That money helped u out alot. Praise the lerd! LOL.

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Work Bitch!!!! Yasssss!!

Ms. Letoya Luckett looks soooooo good in this pics! Oooohh she just gave me life!!! Go in bitch!!!! Let have!!

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OMG!!! Will u premire the video already?!?!?!?

UGH!!! soooooo excited about Kanye West's new Video "Power". Kanye always brings it with the im really excited and ready for this. Theres only one problem.....HE WONT SHOW THE DAMN VIDEO!!!! LOL!! Tryna be patient...but im just sooo anxious 2 see. Hurry up Ye!

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Video of the day: Marques Houston Pulling On Her Hair

UGH Diddy! Blaaahhh!

Okay...Im really sick of this dude! Its like...he old as hell and still tryna act and be young. I mean...when I see this nikka dance....i wanna vomit. My grandpa can get down betta than this clown. LOL. Diddy...please sit down somewhere...4 me. U already headed 4 a retirement home....just stop it. You keep tryna dance and your Depends are gonna buss.

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Damn!!! This washed up bitch hating on Nicki 2??

From what the fuk I been hearing...this Foxy Clown gurl is suppose 2 be beefing wit Nicki....bitch sit yo ass down! How u gone hate on her? Yo def ass cant even hear her music. LOL. Oooohhhhh my bad. Lawd 4give me 4 dat. LOL. But Foxy Clown if u are hating on Ms. Minaj....stop while u can. Becuz my bitch will eat u alive. I have spoken!

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010


nOW HOW CAN I MAKE THIS SITE AND NOT SAY SOMETHING ABOUT THESE GUYS! I love them 2 death. Im their number one fan!


Grooveshark Widgets - Music Playlists for Your MySpace & Blog

Grooveshark Widgets - Music Playlists for Your MySpace & Blog

Another all time fav from So You think You Can Dance! WHAT YOU SAID!!!

Twilex -- Alex and Twitch hip hop!!!! The best ever!!!

Only 6 left on my fav show SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE.

Omg I love this show!!!! LOL. I really want Kent to win! Yaaayyyyy!!!

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Kent Boyd! So You Think You Can Dance!

Vote for Kent on So You Think You Can Dance!!!!

R.I.P. Lorenzen Wright

Former NBA player Lorenzen Wright has reportedly been found dead in a wooded area in Southeast Memphis.
Memphis police are still investigating, but a report on indicates that the body found “had been shot and it may be self inflicted.” We haven’t yet seen confirmation from authorities, but it appears that Wright’s disappearance may have ended in the worst way imaginable.

Damn! And it happened rite here in Memphis! This is sad.

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Saw 3D!!!!!!!!!!

Am I the only one thats excited about this???? LOL!


All My Celeb Crushes!!! What I Said!!!

Dammmnnnnn its gettin hot in here!!!!!!! LOL.

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Justice Served!!!! Yasssss

New York City agreed on Tuesday to pay more than $7 million to settle a federal lawsuit filed by the family and two friends of Sean Bell, a 23-year-old black man fatally shot by the police in 2006, on what would have been his wedding day.

Finally something is being done about this. But when its all said and done..they can give Ms. Bell all the money in the world...but they still cant bring her man back.
R.I.P. Sean Bell


Daaammmmn bitch where u been??

Guuurrrrlllll I thawt Mya had dropped off the face of the earth. LOL. Here she is spotted lookin good stuntin on these hoes. U betta werk bitch!!! Owwwww! Yasssss! And hoe come on wit some new music! U see the female r&b game is in pain rite now. Get ya lazy ass up and sing!!!.......Luv ya gurl! LOL.


Nicki Minaj (The Baddest) v.s. Lil Kim (The Saddest)

yeeeeessssssssss!!!!! I am loving this rite now!!! Okay.....I've been hearing about this Nicki and Kim beef for a lil minute now. And im like....WTF! Come on Kimmy!!!! Your washed up! Old! Your face is like mashed potatoes! I mean come on! Why are u hating on the baddest bitch in the game rite now??? You had your turn! Let my bitch Nicki get her shine! Hello!!! LOL. And ima end it on this note....Kim...In the great words of Nicki Minaj...bitch....STEP YA COOKIES UP B4 THEY CRUMBLE!! lol


Welcome To Life According To D.C.

Wassup World!!!! How ya Derwing....Wonderfer Wonderfer! Its ya Boi D.C. Cantrell in this biiiiiittttttttch!!!! LOL. And this is my blog site...LIFE ACCORDING TO D.C.!!!! A lil about life is like a fuckin movie. I just graduated high school Saturday July 24th..and the road 2 get that day was craaazzzzyyyyy. But thru all I've gone thru..Im still down to earth, humble, and cool as hell. I dont let shit get 2 me and bring me down. Oh yeah and another thing....I am Gay! Yeessssss honey! LOL. And Im in love wit someone very special. We been together 2 years and 10 months and im crazy bout his mean ass. Thats my Pooh Bear and im his Baby Bear! What You Said!!!!! LOL. But on this site...what u will ...ME! And my point of veiw on different things. Some u will agree and some u wont agree. But hey. LOL. You will see the kind of person I am and how funny and enjoyable D.C. really is. So get ready becuz its goin down! WHAT YOU SAID!!!!!!! lol.