Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Nicki Minaj (The Baddest) v.s. Lil Kim (The Saddest)

yeeeeessssssssss!!!!! I am loving this rite now!!! Okay.....I've been hearing about this Nicki and Kim beef for a lil minute now. And im like....WTF! Come on Kimmy!!!! Your washed up! Old! Your face is like mashed potatoes! I mean come on! Why are u hating on the baddest bitch in the game rite now??? You had your turn! Let my bitch Nicki get her shine! Hello!!! LOL. And ima end it on this note....Kim...In the great words of Nicki Minaj...bitch....STEP YA COOKIES UP B4 THEY CRUMBLE!! lol


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