Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Lmao! Lil' Duval leave my husband Drake Alone!

LOL. I gotta give him his props....he got that shit. Drake does it all the time. lol. OMG, I wonder what he's gonna say when he see's this. lol.

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Monday, October 11, 2010


Usher u need 2 shave them coochie hairs off yo face hunny. #Imjustsayin. Get it 2getha hunny. If I wanna see that I will pop in Wolfman DVD or watch the beginning of Thriller. Ummmmmm no hunny! lol.

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Jeremih talks about,,,Eddie Long?!?!?!

In a recent interview, Jeremih was asked about Eddie Long, and all he had to say was...."Eddie Long is a gay liar, thats all there is to it" .......and im like......Is Jeremih one of the boyz Eddie fucked?? lol. I mean look at him. He could be one of em. And instead of birthday sex it would be....Church Day sex! lol. But Jeremih u got sum 2 say bout Eddie long?? Gone and put him out there. He was playin wit yo booty hole 2. I kno it. lol.

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So after reading both Groupie Stories....Which One Would You Fuck??? lol.

And it gotta be a str8 answer. Ima go wit Ceelo for the simple fact that he can eat that pussy good. lol. But after reading those crazy and sumwat disturbing groupie stories...which one would you fuck?? Hmmmmmmmm???? LOL.

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O wow, Groupie story about....Cee-Lo Green

He is amazing in bed!!!!!!!!!!! (I don’t think I could use enough exclamation points) He really does like to eat p***y and will do it for hours on end. Talk about sugar on his tongue, ha and people say rappers dont talk about their real life on records. As for his d**k; it is on the smallish side but he knows what he is doing with it. Besides after he gets done giving head anything would feel good. We hooked up several times and the sex was always mind blowing and he was always very passionate. One of my friends gave me hell about messing with him, mainly because he’s not what most people would consider attractive but nevermind that, he definitely had me coming back for more.”

..............well.......damn that was betta than I thawt it was gonna be. lol. So now its time for the big decision. lol.....

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Lmfao!!! Groupie story about....Jazze Pha! Ewwwwwwwww!!!!!!!

Jazze is a very giving, caring person. If he’s f*cking with you then you’re straight. However, he has a small d*ck and I don't think its circumcised. He has so much extra skin on it, I really couldn’t tell how long it was. To make matters worst his fat layers must hold some kind of odor, cause his sh*t had me about to gag. LOL. Anyway he likes to get on top, which scared me at first bit it actually worked out. He cums in about 5 minutes and likes oral. The only reason I fucked with him is cause he breaks that cash off. I've gotten 3k at one time before. Think he got tired of breaking me off with cash cause after a year he cut my ass off. I would do it again if he came up off the cash like he used to.

Rotflmao! She kept it str8 and to the point! His fat ass kno damn well he cant get on top. lol. He tryed to smother dat bitch! And an odor??? Are u kidding me?? Ugh bitches do ne thing 4 money! Blah. Hot shower time. No cold water 4 me. lol.

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What You Said Show: Ciara Sextape, Jeremih, Kat Stacks, etc.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Damn I never realized how FINE Common is!!!

Daaaaaaaaammmmmmmnnnnnn I cant take this shit no more!!! lol. My water bill high as hell from all these cold showers! Enuff! Im coming after you fine celebs now! And im goin DICK HUNTING! Owwwwwwwww! lol. Jk. Im heading 2 the shower now. lol.

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Rotflmao! Nicki Minaj performance on the Letterman show

Lmfao at the 3:04 mark. Wrinkle Wrinke Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttcccccccccchhhhh!!!!!!!!! lmfao! gotta love Nicki!!!

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Which One Would You Fuck??: 106 & Park Edition. Ummmmmmmmm after the groupie story I posted about Terrance J....ima have 2 go wit him. lol. Besides..everyone except him and Rocsi are old. lol. So who would u fuk from 106?? Hmmmmmm????

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Nelly says, Him and Ashanti wasnt shit!

Nelly hit up the Loni Swain’s show last week sharing thoughts on why so many black women are single and he sure did have a lot to say but apparently he wasn’t finished. When asked about his relationship with Ashanti… Nelly replied with a “Who Said We Were A Couple, We Never Said That!”

Nelly now u kno u wrong 4 this. U wasnt sayin that when u was eatin ha coochie! Ashanti gurl I got yo bak. Nelly yo steroid pumpin ass betta stop lyin. Thats why ya dik gone shribble up. lol........why am I lyin! Nelly I looooove you! I can be yo jump off baby. I wont mind! Yasssssssssss. lol.

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What You Said Show: Youtube!!!!!

New Groupie Story Finally! About Drake!!!

I met Aubrey "Drizzy Drake" Graham a few months ago (I would say right at the height of so far so gone releasing), at a popular in LA no one really "knew of him" like they know of him now. I was chillin with Drakes friend who I will refer to as "young" (don’t want to get him in any trouble) when I saw Drake walk into our section he gave "young" a dap and me a hug, he made convo with "young" and he asked "young" was I his girl.."young" said no and whispered something in his ear. I began to get uncomfortable because I didn't know if what he was telling him was positive or negative. Drake began to laugh and busted out "oh forreal?"and that was it, "young" walked away after he made that unknown comment, leaving just me & Drake. I so badly wanted to ask him what "young" told him, but I kept it to myself. I began to make conversation with him about his new mix tape I don't think he was even there to chill with a girl. just to kick it & lay back. from the way he was dressed it was not overdressed but still neat. He was real cool & laid back he likes to have conversation, but really can't start them up. he has a real bad habit of pulling his phone out. very low-key and not into the whole club scene, he sipped champagne and bobbed his head to a few songs, one thing I can say about this guy is he's very humble and he's not the type to brag, he actually listens to what you're saying unlike other celebrities I’ve talked with. I was thinking he would be like the rest of the Young Money Crew (savage), but he actually told me some cool stuff for instance, he rather stay home & eat a cooked meal than go out to dinner. (with him doing the cooking) Drake & Aubrey are two different people. I know that’s some Sasha Fierce/ Beyonce type of sh*t but he's really like that. We made convo for a while; with me doing the talking and him laughing. Never once did he ask me for sex or lets go back to the hotel room, some of these stories on here make me laugh.. this guy doesn't even get on the sex topic when you're talking to him. he knows what to say and when to say it. If anything this guy wouldn't come on to you first, usually it's probably the girl. he didn't ask for my number , I asked him for his. from my experience with drake he's not the "talking" on the phone guy, more of texting. Yes, we've had sex since that night maybe twice. when he's in LA he lets me know. very sweet is what drake is. and I’m pretty sure he wouldn't go down on a chick the first night. so some of these stories are out of the window. He was great, he makes sure you are comfortable, satisfied, not just regular "sex" he makes love. one thing I’d like to mention about him, he's a true gentlemen. He was definitely average, but he knows how to work what he was given. The positions were of course doggie, legs over his shoulders. he likes to be in control when you're giving him oral. too bad he didn't return the favor but overall the sex was bomb. I would rate drake in bed as a 4/5 he makes sure you get yours before he get his, he's into all of that romantic stuff, no talking during sex just passionate kissing and looking you in the eyes. Never have I asked him for money just happy for him & his career. was betta when we did it. lol. Ion like this bitch! lol. Who told her 2 fuk my man! I dont care if it was b4 me! BITCH! thats girl code. lol. Well it dont matter becuz he's mine now. lol. Let me stop. Real talk I gotta go take a cold shower. lol. This pic of him aint helpin either. lol

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Anotha Groupie Story about.....Plies!

Ok i ran into plies at one of his shows he had did in Miami like a year ago. He wasn't really famous like he is now. So while he was doing the show he was pulling girls up on the stage with him & being that i was in the front row he pulled me up & started to sing/rap his hit at the time (Shawty). So like 30 minutes later me & him got off the stage & as i went to leave he grabbed me by my hand & asked me what my name was? so i told him Ashly & as we got the talking i saw a whole other side to him. So we got the laughing & talking about him, life, & his brother thats locked up. So it was like the whole time we was talking he was steady catching feelings so his manger had came backstage & told him that he had another show to do so we switched numbers & he said he'll call me. So later on that day it was 10;30pm & i had just got out the shower getting ready to go to sleep untill my phone went off & as i looked at the number It said plies & omg i got the screaming like somebody was killing me so i had picked up & we was talking for like 10 minutes & he had ask me if i can come & since he's older then me he was like or is past your bed time so i laugh & said yea i can come over so i was like i be there in like a hour & outta no where he said naw i dont want you to drive you to pretty for that i'll have one of my homies come pick you up. So 30 minutes later his homie pulled up & as i was getting in plies was on the webcam *lol* looking so cute on the laptop screen so we start talking throu webcams untill i got there & when i finally got there he open the door in his pj's which is nothing but his b-ball shorts & some ankle socks so he told me to come in as he closed the door & walked me into the living room & omg the way he had it set up omg it was so pretty so we sat down & started talking & next thing i know he start kissing me from my hand to my neck so softly. So i start kissing him back so he so we was kissing for 5 minutes & i was so wet so he told me to lay on the couch on my back. So he start talking my shirt & pants & my bra & omg he took my boy shorts off with his teeth & start softly kissing me from head to toe then he teased me for like 3 minutes with his tongue untill he finally ate the pu*sy & omg he had me running omg i was on mars *lol* & i didnt wanna come back i mean the way he use his tongue is like *ugh!* amazing. So anyway i flipped him over & start kissing & licking his body untill i got to his di*k so i always thought he was small but omg i was wrong his di*k is bout 9inch & not to thick when its hard. So he teased me so i teased him back untill i finally start sucking & licking it & he really went crazy when i went around he's di*k head with the tip of my tongue. So after that we did the 69 for bout 13 minutes then he spread my legs & went deep *omg* it felt so good till the point where i was like zooned out like *omg* & his stroke game is on another planet & like everytime i moaned in his ear he just went deeper & after 30 minutes he wanted to give me back shots but i was like i got something better so i started giving him a lap dance for bout 10 minutes then i laid him on the floor & just did a split on his di*k & he went nuts he start it talking saying ''Dang aint no girl every did that to me or on me before''. So the whole time he was talking / moaning i was riding him smooth & fast the i start it riding him backwards for 20 minutes untill he whisper in my ear asking me if he could give me back shots so i was like yea so i bent over the table & start smacking my a** for a minute till he put it in & *omg* he just went hard *omg* plies give banging head & back shots & he dont play so he start talking dirty & freaky to me while he was giving me back shots / fringing me so after 40 minutes of that i rode him again untill i came all over he di*k & i licked it off then we came again but this time together *omg* when we got done it was 7;43am & we both looked at our phones & saw we had made missed phone calls & he was like that was amazing & we took a shower together & after that we stayed in touch i became his girlfriend & on mondays when he not busy me & him & he's son go out to eat & catch a movie or something & since we been together his sex got better

Dammmnnnnn! I guess Plies wasnt lyin in none of his songs. But If I fucked Plies, I'd have to have nose plugs...becuz u can just look at him and tell his breath stank. lol. But I would tear dat dik up. Then Plies use 2 be a registered u kno he knows all the rite spots 2 hit! Yasssssssss!!!!!!! Gimmie Dat Becky!!!! lol.

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Dedicated to Rashawn. R.I.P, part 2

Dedicated to Rashawn. R.I.P

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Groupie story about......Terrance J! lmao.

So I met Terrence J. a few months ago when they was doing Spring Bling in West Palm Beach so me and my girls decide to go to this club called Improv for Spring Break, so I walked in with three of my girls and we saw Terrence and two of his boys sitting in the VIP section, me I'm thinking he ain't no star but whatever so he walked out and whispered in my ear and said "I seen you looking at me" and I started to laugh so he told me that I should come back to his hotel suite at New Hilton Garden. and I could bring a friend if I wanted, so I listened and put my number in his blackberry. Around 2:30 that night Terrence called and me and my girl wasn't even expecting him to call me and my girl was in our pajamas about to call it a night. But I said to myself f*** it I wanna see what he is about and it was Spring Break! So when he called me, me and me and my girl drove to his Hotel Suite which I might add was HUGE and him and his friends were there. So me and Terrence talked, he told me how enjoyed his job as a host and how he wouldn't mind staying the host blah blah blahh I couldn't really hear because it was so loud in his room because his friends was there just talking laughing and my girl was getting situated with his boys just drinking and watching television so we decided we wanted to be in private. So after that he told me to come into his room because it was getting quite noisy and we couldn't hear each other so I sat on the bed and Terrence sat on the other end and told me to come closer when I did he started to kiss me (and his lips was so soft, let me tell you) so I laid him on the bed and took his shirt off, then started to kiss his body (which was average not bad at all he wasn't even all that skinny he had a six pack and everything) and I got lower and lower until I reached his di*k which was above average, no where near small so I started to go at it , for like ten minutes until he busted, so I got up and he took my dress off and I got on top and I started ridin' that sh*t and he started grinding against me, teasing me. I told him that I wanted more and I turned around and let him hit it from the back for a good 30 minutes, I thought I was gonna loose my mind! I had to taste it again after that, and he still was hard (he’s a head pusher I might add but I didn't mind cause it turned me on) so he kept sayin' he liked that and that he wanted me to do it faster so I did as I was told and he busted again. After I was done I got in the shower and me and when I came out me and my girl stayed a little bit longer just because I wanted to know about him and his friends they was really cool and so was Terrence he was the same way he acted on 106 & Park he had a good sense of humor. My girl even got one of his boys number. After that me and my girl drove back to the Holiday Inn to the hotel. After that me and him never talked but its whatever would I do it again Maybe I'm not sure I don't wanna feel like a groupie or anything and I'm currently in a relationship. He gets rated a 4 1/2 out of 5!

Daaaaaammmnnnnn I think ima be makin a lil trip to 106 & Park. LOL. I knew he had a big dick! I just kne it! It be those real skinny ones that holdin them baseball bats! yassssssss hunny! New York here I come. lol.

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OMG!!! Trey and Lauren London..are fuckin!!! lol

And he introduced her 2 his Mom who is in the photo above! Damn Trey dat pussy musta been good!!! LOL. But if u dont believe me. I got alot of proof. Including, formspring questions being answered by Trey's little brother. lol. Here they are...

O wow! Drama!!!! lol. But thats not all folks! Now im getting reports that by Trey!!!!! lol. Damn didn't this bitch just have one by Wayne?? U betta werk bitch! Get them child support coins! yasssssss hunny!!! Heres what an insider had to say about the pregnancy....

"Well she definitely LOOKS pregnant . . . If I were to guess, I'd say the dad is Trey Songz, they've been ON AND OFF for about a year."

I;ll keep yall updated. But I kno one young lady thats not gonna like this post....(insider) lol.

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.....If u didnt believe Diddy was gay.....

...........Need I say more? lol. I told you! I told you! He is a big ol downlo queen! Then his knees ashy! Are u serious. He actually broke my Gay-dar with these pics. Now I gotta purchase a new one....4 Ne-Yo. lol

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I just had to say this.........


Raven.....bitch u betta WERK!!!!!!! I am soooooooo loving u rite now! She is officially the baddest chick in the game rite now. I dont give a fuk wat nun of yall say. I have spoken!

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Mario Arrested for beating up....HIS MOTHER!!!

Mario — the platinum-selling R&B singer — was arrested in Baltimore this morning for allegedly assaulting his own mother in an apartment they share. According to police, Mario’s mother Shawntia Hardaway — a former heroin addict — told cops the former “Dancing with the Stars” contestant had been “throwing and damaging property” … and pushed her around with his hands and forearms.

Cops say they found several broken items inside the apartment — including a broken china cabinet, a busted mirror and a hole in the closet door. Mario’s mother also told police the 24-year-old singer had attacked her earlier in the week — in which he pushed her “eight feet into a living room wall, where Ms. Hardaway hit her head on the wall.”

Mario — real name Mario Dewar Bennett — was eventually arrested this morning for 2nd degree assault. He was released on $50,000 bond.

Wow Mario thats crazy. But its always 2 sides to a story. So b4 I go in on u i wanna see what u have 2 say about yourself. But if this is are gonna lose alot of respect 4 this. Trust me I kno. Everyone reading this....TREAT YOUR MOM RIGHT!!! You only get one! I cant stress that enuff! Mines is still here and idk wtf I would do without her. Never take your Mom for granted. Or any1 for that matter.

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OMG... Lady from Tyler Perry play is on Divorce Court!!

Lmao! She was singing just like in the play What's Done In The Dark! lol. That shit had me over here crying laughing! And that bitch he cheated wit was ugly as fuk! And that wig peice............................No Hunny! But u can tell Deitra was ready 2 come cross dat courtroom and beat da shit outt dat bitch. Lmao!

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