Monday, October 11, 2010

Lmfao!!! Groupie story about....Jazze Pha! Ewwwwwwwww!!!!!!!

Jazze is a very giving, caring person. If he’s f*cking with you then you’re straight. However, he has a small d*ck and I don't think its circumcised. He has so much extra skin on it, I really couldn’t tell how long it was. To make matters worst his fat layers must hold some kind of odor, cause his sh*t had me about to gag. LOL. Anyway he likes to get on top, which scared me at first bit it actually worked out. He cums in about 5 minutes and likes oral. The only reason I fucked with him is cause he breaks that cash off. I've gotten 3k at one time before. Think he got tired of breaking me off with cash cause after a year he cut my ass off. I would do it again if he came up off the cash like he used to.

Rotflmao! She kept it str8 and to the point! His fat ass kno damn well he cant get on top. lol. He tryed to smother dat bitch! And an odor??? Are u kidding me?? Ugh bitches do ne thing 4 money! Blah. Hot shower time. No cold water 4 me. lol.

What You Said!!!

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Love4Liyah said...

Errr... i should have refrained from reading this post! LMAO