Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Anotha Groupie Story about.....Plies!

Ok i ran into plies at one of his shows he had did in Miami like a year ago. He wasn't really famous like he is now. So while he was doing the show he was pulling girls up on the stage with him & being that i was in the front row he pulled me up & started to sing/rap his hit at the time (Shawty). So like 30 minutes later me & him got off the stage & as i went to leave he grabbed me by my hand & asked me what my name was? so i told him Ashly & as we got the talking i saw a whole other side to him. So we got the laughing & talking about him, life, & his brother thats locked up. So it was like the whole time we was talking he was steady catching feelings so his manger had came backstage & told him that he had another show to do so we switched numbers & he said he'll call me. So later on that day it was 10;30pm & i had just got out the shower getting ready to go to sleep untill my phone went off & as i looked at the number It said plies & omg i got the screaming like somebody was killing me so i had picked up & we was talking for like 10 minutes & he had ask me if i can come & since he's older then me he was like or is past your bed time so i laugh & said yea i can come over so i was like i be there in like a hour & outta no where he said naw i dont want you to drive you to pretty for that i'll have one of my homies come pick you up. So 30 minutes later his homie pulled up & as i was getting in plies was on the webcam *lol* looking so cute on the laptop screen so we start talking throu webcams untill i got there & when i finally got there he open the door in his pj's which is nothing but his b-ball shorts & some ankle socks so he told me to come in as he closed the door & walked me into the living room & omg the way he had it set up omg it was so pretty so we sat down & started talking & next thing i know he start kissing me from my hand to my neck so softly. So i start kissing him back so he so we was kissing for 5 minutes & i was so wet so he told me to lay on the couch on my back. So he start talking my shirt & pants & my bra & omg he took my boy shorts off with his teeth & start softly kissing me from head to toe then he teased me for like 3 minutes with his tongue untill he finally ate the pu*sy & omg he had me running omg i was on mars *lol* & i didnt wanna come back i mean the way he use his tongue is like *ugh!* amazing. So anyway i flipped him over & start kissing & licking his body untill i got to his di*k so i always thought he was small but omg i was wrong his di*k is bout 9inch & not to thick when its hard. So he teased me so i teased him back untill i finally start sucking & licking it & he really went crazy when i went around he's di*k head with the tip of my tongue. So after that we did the 69 for bout 13 minutes then he spread my legs & went deep *omg* it felt so good till the point where i was like zooned out like *omg* & his stroke game is on another planet & like everytime i moaned in his ear he just went deeper & after 30 minutes he wanted to give me back shots but i was like i got something better so i started giving him a lap dance for bout 10 minutes then i laid him on the floor & just did a split on his di*k & he went nuts he start it talking saying ''Dang aint no girl every did that to me or on me before''. So the whole time he was talking / moaning i was riding him smooth & fast the i start it riding him backwards for 20 minutes untill he whisper in my ear asking me if he could give me back shots so i was like yea so i bent over the table & start smacking my a** for a minute till he put it in & *omg* he just went hard *omg* plies give banging head & back shots & he dont play so he start talking dirty & freaky to me while he was giving me back shots / fringing me so after 40 minutes of that i rode him again untill i came all over he di*k & i licked it off then we came again but this time together *omg* when we got done it was 7;43am & we both looked at our phones & saw we had made missed phone calls & he was like that was amazing & we took a shower together & after that we stayed in touch i became his girlfriend & on mondays when he not busy me & him & he's son go out to eat & catch a movie or something & since we been together his sex got better

Dammmnnnnn! I guess Plies wasnt lyin in none of his songs. But If I fucked Plies, I'd have to have nose plugs...becuz u can just look at him and tell his breath stank. lol. But I would tear dat dik up. Then Plies use 2 be a registered nurse....so u kno he knows all the rite spots 2 hit! Yasssssssss!!!!!!! Gimmie Dat Becky!!!! lol.

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Anonymous said...

yessssssssssss bytch! wheeew! yes lord! i want his becky n bobby! lmao #sumthn serious

Anonymous said...

that story is a lie & whoeva typed dat shit need a dam dictionary

Anonymous said...

Yes they do need a dictionary, lots of errors in the article