Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Nelly says, Him and Ashanti wasnt shit!

Nelly hit up the Loni Swain’s show last week sharing thoughts on why so many black women are single and he sure did have a lot to say but apparently he wasn’t finished. When asked about his relationship with Ashanti… Nelly replied with a “Who Said We Were A Couple, We Never Said That!”

Nelly now u kno u wrong 4 this. U wasnt sayin that when u was eatin ha coochie! Ashanti gurl I got yo bak. Nelly yo steroid pumpin ass betta stop lyin. Thats why ya dik gone shribble up. lol........why am I lyin! Nelly I looooove you! I can be yo jump off baby. I wont mind! Yasssssssssss. lol.

What You Said!!!


Anonymous said...

lmao! i wud fuck nelly and wudnt give a damn if we aint a couple he still coming around so thats enough for me! lmao # sumthn serious

love4liyah said...

Nelly is hot, but he is so wrong for that! Everyone knows him n Ashanti were together, hell the whole world knows it. He needs to stop denying it and she needs to dump his ass (even though he is sexy) & take all that money!