Tuesday, October 5, 2010

New Groupie Story Finally! About Drake!!!

I met Aubrey "Drizzy Drake" Graham a few months ago (I would say right at the height of so far so gone releasing), at a popular in LA no one really "knew of him" like they know of him now. I was chillin with Drakes friend who I will refer to as "young" (don’t want to get him in any trouble) when I saw Drake walk into our section he gave "young" a dap and me a hug, he made convo with "young" and he asked "young" was I his girl.."young" said no and whispered something in his ear. I began to get uncomfortable because I didn't know if what he was telling him was positive or negative. Drake began to laugh and busted out "oh forreal?"and that was it, "young" walked away after he made that unknown comment, leaving just me & Drake. I so badly wanted to ask him what "young" told him, but I kept it to myself. I began to make conversation with him about his new mix tape I don't think he was even there to chill with a girl. just to kick it & lay back. from the way he was dressed it was not overdressed but still neat. He was real cool & laid back he likes to have conversation, but really can't start them up. he has a real bad habit of pulling his phone out. very low-key and not into the whole club scene, he sipped champagne and bobbed his head to a few songs, one thing I can say about this guy is he's very humble and he's not the type to brag, he actually listens to what you're saying unlike other celebrities I’ve talked with. I was thinking he would be like the rest of the Young Money Crew (savage), but he actually told me some cool stuff for instance, he rather stay home & eat a cooked meal than go out to dinner. (with him doing the cooking) Drake & Aubrey are two different people. I know that’s some Sasha Fierce/ Beyonce type of sh*t but he's really like that. We made convo for a while; with me doing the talking and him laughing. Never once did he ask me for sex or lets go back to the hotel room, some of these stories on here make me laugh.. this guy doesn't even get on the sex topic when you're talking to him. he knows what to say and when to say it. If anything this guy wouldn't come on to you first, usually it's probably the girl. he didn't ask for my number , I asked him for his. from my experience with drake he's not the "talking" on the phone guy, more of texting. Yes, we've had sex since that night maybe twice. when he's in LA he lets me know. very sweet is what drake is. and I’m pretty sure he wouldn't go down on a chick the first night. so some of these stories are out of the window. He was great, he makes sure you are comfortable, satisfied, not just regular "sex" he makes love. one thing I’d like to mention about him, he's a true gentlemen. He was definitely average, but he knows how to work what he was given. The positions were of course doggie, legs over his shoulders. he likes to be in control when you're giving him oral. too bad he didn't return the favor but overall the sex was bomb. I would rate drake in bed as a 4/5 he makes sure you get yours before he get his, he's into all of that romantic stuff, no talking during sex just passionate kissing and looking you in the eyes. Never have I asked him for money just happy for him & his career.

.....................it was betta when we did it. lol. Ion like this bitch! lol. Who told her 2 fuk my man! I dont care if it was b4 me! BITCH! thats girl code. lol. Well it dont matter becuz he's mine now. lol. Let me stop. Real talk I gotta go take a cold shower. lol. This pic of him aint helpin either. lol

What You Said!!!


love4liyah said...

Uh uh no! No to this groupie & No to you too D.C! We all know drizzy drake is mine! Who gave this chick permission to fuck with my baby? -_____- & how dare she call him average.?! Ughh.... damn groupies! Girl needs to give my baby 10/10 for even fuckin with her ass! Smh..... i still love u though aubrey :) lol

Anonymous said...

I don't believe you you prolly a hard core drake fan wishing u had sex with him haha u had a dream of this happening n you thought it was real lol STFU

Drizzy_mistress16 said...

it aint true he like 16 year olds like me.!!! he called me very pretty && iwant his baby.!!! im drakes muhthafuckin #1 fan thats MY baby :)