Monday, October 11, 2010

O wow, Groupie story about....Cee-Lo Green

He is amazing in bed!!!!!!!!!!! (I don’t think I could use enough exclamation points) He really does like to eat p***y and will do it for hours on end. Talk about sugar on his tongue, ha and people say rappers dont talk about their real life on records. As for his d**k; it is on the smallish side but he knows what he is doing with it. Besides after he gets done giving head anything would feel good. We hooked up several times and the sex was always mind blowing and he was always very passionate. One of my friends gave me hell about messing with him, mainly because he’s not what most people would consider attractive but nevermind that, he definitely had me coming back for more.”

..............well.......damn that was betta than I thawt it was gonna be. lol. So now its time for the big decision. lol.....

What You Said!!!

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