Saturday, October 2, 2010

Groupie story about......Terrance J! lmao.

So I met Terrence J. a few months ago when they was doing Spring Bling in West Palm Beach so me and my girls decide to go to this club called Improv for Spring Break, so I walked in with three of my girls and we saw Terrence and two of his boys sitting in the VIP section, me I'm thinking he ain't no star but whatever so he walked out and whispered in my ear and said "I seen you looking at me" and I started to laugh so he told me that I should come back to his hotel suite at New Hilton Garden. and I could bring a friend if I wanted, so I listened and put my number in his blackberry. Around 2:30 that night Terrence called and me and my girl wasn't even expecting him to call me and my girl was in our pajamas about to call it a night. But I said to myself f*** it I wanna see what he is about and it was Spring Break! So when he called me, me and me and my girl drove to his Hotel Suite which I might add was HUGE and him and his friends were there. So me and Terrence talked, he told me how enjoyed his job as a host and how he wouldn't mind staying the host blah blah blahh I couldn't really hear because it was so loud in his room because his friends was there just talking laughing and my girl was getting situated with his boys just drinking and watching television so we decided we wanted to be in private. So after that he told me to come into his room because it was getting quite noisy and we couldn't hear each other so I sat on the bed and Terrence sat on the other end and told me to come closer when I did he started to kiss me (and his lips was so soft, let me tell you) so I laid him on the bed and took his shirt off, then started to kiss his body (which was average not bad at all he wasn't even all that skinny he had a six pack and everything) and I got lower and lower until I reached his di*k which was above average, no where near small so I started to go at it , for like ten minutes until he busted, so I got up and he took my dress off and I got on top and I started ridin' that sh*t and he started grinding against me, teasing me. I told him that I wanted more and I turned around and let him hit it from the back for a good 30 minutes, I thought I was gonna loose my mind! I had to taste it again after that, and he still was hard (he’s a head pusher I might add but I didn't mind cause it turned me on) so he kept sayin' he liked that and that he wanted me to do it faster so I did as I was told and he busted again. After I was done I got in the shower and me and when I came out me and my girl stayed a little bit longer just because I wanted to know about him and his friends they was really cool and so was Terrence he was the same way he acted on 106 & Park he had a good sense of humor. My girl even got one of his boys number. After that me and my girl drove back to the Holiday Inn to the hotel. After that me and him never talked but its whatever would I do it again Maybe I'm not sure I don't wanna feel like a groupie or anything and I'm currently in a relationship. He gets rated a 4 1/2 out of 5!

Daaaaaammmnnnnn I think ima be makin a lil trip to 106 & Park. LOL. I knew he had a big dick! I just kne it! It be those real skinny ones that holdin them baseball bats! yassssssss hunny! New York here I come. lol.

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