Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Welcome To Life According To D.C.

Wassup World!!!! How ya Derwing....Wonderfer Wonderfer! Its ya Boi D.C. Cantrell in this biiiiiittttttttch!!!! LOL. And this is my blog site...LIFE ACCORDING TO D.C.!!!! A lil about life is like a fuckin movie. I just graduated high school Saturday July 24th..and the road 2 get that day was craaazzzzyyyyy. But thru all I've gone thru..Im still down to earth, humble, and cool as hell. I dont let shit get 2 me and bring me down. Oh yeah and another thing....I am Gay! Yeessssss honey! LOL. And Im in love wit someone very special. We been together 2 years and 10 months and im crazy bout his mean ass. Thats my Pooh Bear and im his Baby Bear! What You Said!!!!! LOL. But on this site...what u will ...ME! And my point of veiw on different things. Some u will agree and some u wont agree. But hey. LOL. You will see the kind of person I am and how funny and enjoyable D.C. really is. So get ready becuz its goin down! WHAT YOU SAID!!!!!!! lol.

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