Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Are u suprised???

Raz-B Talks To Charlamagne The God, says “Lil Fizz Was The First To Get His Asshole Plunged By Marques Houston...Now Bow Wow…”

.......This Raz-B shit gets crazier and crazier everyday! I had a feeling that Bow Wow had a lil queen in him. And I know for a fact that him and Omarion were fuckin. LOL. You could just see the sexual tension between the two. hahahaha. But Raz is sayin that Fizz was the first of all the boyz 2 get fucked by Marques Houston. WOW. I'll have more covering the story....

What You Said!!!

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Love4Liyah said...

Raz-B is craazzzzzzzy! lmao