Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Ooooo groupie stories about Ray J!!!!!!!!

I met Ray J in Orlando. He came down to Florida because he was promoting supposedly his reality show, and the club that brought him brings a different celebrity each weekend.
So that day comes and me and my girls decide to go to the club with the intention of getting to see if we could at least get a picture of him and even better if we get a picture of us with him lol. So to make the story short me and my girl go to the club. And we see Ray j in the VIP with some other dudes and like A LOT of females. So me and my girl were looking pretty decent and we were trying to get one of the dudes that was in the VIP attention, so dude notices my girl. They make eye contact and he tells her to come up to the VIP and he tells the bouncer to let me and my girl in.
So we get there and we were excited I had my camera ready and everything. Dude that got us in VIP starts flirting with my girl and they ended up switching phone numbers, and he told her that he was gonna hit her up for the after party.
Ray J and his crew left pretty early I’m sure it wasn’t even 1 am when they left; talking about Ray J was tired (which he did look tired though). So like at 2 am my girl gets a phone call and the dude tells her that we should head that way, and my girl was like that way??? His like come to the hotel girl we got alcohol and everything. So she pulls me aside and tells me what happened. We left kinda early [and] I was kinda mad because I had met this fine ass dude, and didn’t even give him my phone number. Finally we get to the hotel and she calls and he gives her the room number. When we get there they were staying at this bomb-ass suite I mean them dudes had everything champagne, weed u name it, So my girl start smoking weed with the dude, and I get mad because when that girl smokes she don’t know how to act seriously she a trip, so I’m sitting their watching her act like a straight fool with no damn sense, and like probably 15 or 20 min later, we see somebody walking in the room with a bag of McDonalds and it was Ray J. I was frozen lol I’ve never seen a celebrity in my life (I’m so country). So he come in and he introduces his self and he was like damn yall should have told me yall gonna have company and they were like naawww they coo they coo…and he like aight. So he sits there next to me and starts eating and he’s like u wanna bite? And I’m like naa thank u though, his like u staring hard at these fries ma (I really wasn’t) then he looked at me from head to toes and he was like damn u thick what are you? So I tell him I'm half Brazilian half Mexican and he was like I dig that I dig that! He start asking me if I had a man and I'm like nah I ain't got time for all that. Well we were small talkin'. So my friend leaves with the dude to a bed and yall know what they were doing I mean! I ain't gonna lie we was getting horny from the noise, and he (Ray J) is not ugly just VERY SKINNY! Oh well one thing leads to another and his starts talking about he is so tired and ask me for a massage (I HATE GIVING MASSAGES) so I gave in and start massaging his back pretty hard lol. So he was like making noises (like it hurt) then he turns around and is like girl I’ma teach u how to give massages so he starts massaging my shoulders and down to my back (I was going with the flow I was horny ass hell) and lastly massaging my butt. Then he starts kissing my neck and puts his hand down my dress and starts fingering me, his like damn u wet. Lol I start speaking in Portuguese to him cause I know men like that lol its pretty funny. He was hard so we were laying on the couch. He tells me to get naked and I'm like I'm shy lol..He’s like no u ain't come on do that for daddy (I thought that was kinda whack). So I did it and his like damn u sexy talking all this crazy talk that men do when they horny he starts kissing me all over and then my nipples and rubbing my clit I mean I was in ecstasy lol! So his like come sit on it! Dude didn’t have a condom on I don’t know why the hell I did it. I mean his dick wasn’t that thick but it was very long I was just on top of him it was pretty fast probably like 5 minutes I mean that’s cool because in the back of my head I was thinking that he didn’t have a condom on. I was relief when he pulled out but still. Well when we was done my girl and the dude were naked and chillin'. Ray J was like do u need anything??? Food?? Money?? Anything to drink? I'm like money?!? No I'm good thank you.. (in my mind I was thinking only prostitutes ask for money bitch!). Well the two more hours we were there he was gassing me that he was gonna make me a model and all this blah blah blah we finally leave and we exchange phone numbers.
The next day I had to go to work pretty early and I don’t take my phone with me because they be stealing sh*t. So when I got home I had like 4 missed calls from him. I called him back and he said he called me to say bye because he was going back to LA (I thought that was pretty sweet lol).
Well we have talked a couple times but since I’m not American my ass is back home can he call me? Would I do it again??? Umm I gotta go to the doctor and check for STDs if I'm clean I'll for sure do it.
And yes I got my picture with him :)

..........first the Kim Kardashian tape....now this!!!!! LOL. This nigga was askin do she need anything?!?!?!?! Thats just turned me completely on!!!!! But bitch u kno u wrong 4 not fuckin wit a rubba! Wtf is wrong wit u!!! Hell u at least coulda wrapped sum aluminum foil or put a ziplock bag on it! Damn! Dumb bitches! Thats just nasty. But Ray J call me! Owwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!

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