Thursday, August 12, 2010

Oh God!.....are u serious??

Word is that Young Jeezy and Rick Ross are called..."Beefing"...and no Ross I aint talkin bout burgers. But they are taking shots at each other and 4what...idk. But heres what I think:
Okay...both of yall need 2 sit yall fat asses down somewhere! I mean come on...yall got money!!!!!!! Are u serious???? Yall can have anything yall want!!! And yall wanna beef with each other! Negative! And Rick big as yo fat ass is..Beef need 2 be the furthest thing from your mind rite now. And Jeezy yo voice 2 fukin raspy to be goin off on somebody! Clear yo fukin throat! Now beef that!......I have spoken! Lmao!

What You Said!!!

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