Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Nooooooo!!! Not My Demi!!!!!!

The 18-year-old star of the Disney Channel series “Sonny With a Chance” and the “Camp Rock” movies sought treatment for an eating disorder and cutting herself, a source told The Associated Press Monday night.

“Demi Lovato left her tour early this weekend in order to seek medical treatment for emotional and physical issues she has dealt with for some time,” her representative said in a statement.

Lovato launched her tour with the Jonas Brothers in July in her hometown, Dallas. The exhaustive, 45-date tour throughout the U.S., Europe and Latin America includes a performance Tuesday night in Buenos Aires.

The tour coincided with the September debut on the Disney Channel of “Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam.”

“[Demi] regrets not being able to finish her tour but is looking forward to getting back to work in the near future,” her representative said.

Disney Channel officials had no immediate comment.

Lovato said in an interview last year that she was bullied so badly in middle school that she left and turned to home schooling.

“She fought through eating disorders and has struggled with cutting [herself]. . . . Demi is taking control by getting help,” a family source told People magazine.

In December 2008, Lovato’s reps denied she was intentionally cutting herself after she prompted speculation by showing up at Miley Cyrus’ birthday bath sporting red marks on her inner wrist.

Yall this just made me sad!! :( Realtalk. I live by her song LaLa Land. Thats song is so meaningful to me and inspirational. She's actually one of the Disney stars besides Raven that I like. Whats goin on Demi?!?!?! Waaaaaahhhhhh!!!!! This just ruined my day. Why it couldn't be Miley Cyrus instead of her.....oops did I say that??!!?! Oh well!

What You Said!!!

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Love4Liyah said...

She always looked kinda crazy to me lol, the only Disney kid i like is Selena