Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Which one Would You Fuck?!?! Part 4: Dark Chocolate Edition

All I gotta say is...LAY YOUR HEEEEEAD ON MY PILLLOOOOOW! LAY IT DOWN! LAY IT DOWN! lolololol. Now that Lloyd has cut that nappy weave out his head...HUNNY!!! I am his loyal servant! He can get it. And as far as 50...ewwwwww! Need I say more?? lol. So yall u kno I gotta ask...Which one Would You Fuck?!?!?! Hmmmmmm???? lol.

What You Said!!!


Anonymous said...

I bet they both got big dicks so i'd take them both on lol

Love4Liyah said...

;O Lloyd looks so different with no hair lol. He will always be sexier than 50 though!