Monday, September 27, 2010

And in honor of Lil' Wayne's Bday...I have a groupie story on him!

Okay, now I have to be honest with you when I first read these blogs I didn't believe any of them. I know from personal experience how hard it is to get close to a entertainer, especially when you have to compete with hundreds of other girls willing to do the same thing you do, but it happen to me so I have a little more faith in these other stories, but here's mine.
Me and my best friend were both getting ready to go to a local super jam that's held in N.C. every June right around my birthday. This past year Lil Wayne was the headliner so we got our tickets super early and got the closest seats we could, which turned out to be second row floor seats. We both wore the shortest outfits we could wear, hoping to catch someones eye that night. We got to the show and watched some rejects get on stage. The event started at seven, and it was around eleven when Lil Wayne finally came out. His hair was pulled back into cornrows with his dreads (which is sooo sexy) he had on a pair of red skinny jeans and a leather vest and he looked so good I felt my leg getting wet watching him perform. By the time he got to Pussy Monster, my leg was shaking I wanted him so bad. At the end of his performance the DJ asked people to gob on stage and I grabbed my girl and we both ran on stage. I looked for Wayne but he was gone. Disappointed me and my friend were prepared to jus swing to the after party, meet up with some lucky guy, turn his world upside down and go home. As we headed out of the venue a big dude dressed in black grabbed my girls arm, we both turned around. He asked what we was getting into and we told him the after party at a local club. He said that he knew a after party that we might want to go to. I looked at my girl, I already knew I was down but she drove so she had to give the okay. She said yeah, so we followed the guy back into the building. We took stairs to a floor that was way above where the performance was held. I just had a feeling it was bout to go down. We walked into a room where there was like at least fifty girls, some naked, some were already having sex with nobodies. The guy told us he was a bouncer his name was Klem and offered us a drink. Now since me and my girl were already rolling we took one drink and stopped there, plus I wanted to remember this night. We partied for about two hours, it was loud, girls were stripping, giving blow jobs and everything you could imagine right there in the room. Then it got quiet, I turned around and Lil wayne stood in the doorway on a cell phone, all the hoes in the room jumped up trying to get to him. We just sat, he had his pick so we just wanted to have a good time. Klem came and got me and my friend and took us into what looked like a dressing room and we sat there by ourselves for another hour or so. Then in walks mr. carter, I wanted to drop to my knees then but I tried to keep it cool. I introduce myself and my friend and he introduced himself like that was needed. He had someone with him and he looked like a baby no more than twelve maybe. I said hi to him also, he just smiled and sat at a table playing on his phone. So now its the four of us in a room all alone, Wayne asked me were we just friends and I winked at him, even though we were just friends I wanted a piece and would do anything. He asked me to kiss her. I got up leaned across him and put my hands between her soaking wet thighs and tongued the hell out of her and I loved it. I kissed her till I felt his hand reach under my skirt, he didn't seem surprise that I didn't have panties on. He rubbed my pussy with his whole hand, I thought I was going to cum just from that. I stopped kissing my girl and stood over him so he could really grip my pussy. My friend stood up behind me and took my shirt off. She started rubbing my breast, and I lost it all over Mr. Carters fingers. I could see how hard he was through his pants but I wasn't ready to get there yet. I turned around to face my friend and pulled her dress off, so she was standing there naked. I started licking her breast and playing with her pussy. I sat her down in the chair in front of me and bent over so my ass was in Wayne's face. I started eating her out. He loved that. He kept asking the little boy did he like it and of course he did. I ate her till she came. I stood Wayne up and pulled his pants down and exposed that pretty dick of his its big and thick, I got on my knees and tried to swallow his dick. My girl got on her knees and started licking whatever she could get her mouth on. After about fifteen minutes of sucking that big dick he came all over my mouth. I kept sucking and licking him slow to get him back hard and it took a little work but I wanted him to get some of this pussy. When it was a little harder I took my skirt off and bent over and guided his dick into my soaking wet pussy, I clapped my ass while he stroked it soft and slow, not what I expected but it was good. My girl laid down in front of me and I ate her pussy while he got me from the back. After about five minutes of slow thrusting I stood up and let him get my girl while I sat on her face. He really liked that that he could see the faces I made while he was getting my girl, he was really quiet, no noises except fro heavy breathing. When I saw that he was about to cum I pulled on his arm so he would pull out and sucked him a little. After about ten minutes of that my girl got up and rode his dick with her back to him, so I got down and suck his balls and licked her pussy and they both came all over my mouth. After it was over it was so weird he didn't say anything he got up, picked up his phone, told his friend to come on and left. We were sitting in the room by ourselves again. We got dressed and after about two hours Klem came in and without saying a word we followed him out the building. I have not seen Lil Wayne since but me and my girl talk about that every time we get together and sometimes we even have another night together in his memory. Best sex ever.

....................................ugh. How could somebody have sex wit him?? lol. I cant do it!!! Ewwwwwwwww! I think I need HOT shower after this one. Ewwwwww im itching! Gotta go!!!!! lol.

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