Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hoopz u betta get that paper bitch!!! Yaasssss!!!!!!!

In case yall didnt kno...Hoopz from Vh1's Flavor Of Love and I Love engaged to Shaq!!! U betta wek bitch! I am not mad at you Hoopz. U doing what it takes 2 get that paper boo boo! But Shaq.....u bout a dumb muhfucka!!! Didn't u learn yo lesson from the Shaunie bitch?!?!?! Damn! Now u done got u a reality show bitch and think this the one??? Well...(in my Money Mike voice)...You can leave a hoe 2 water..but you cant make him think. LOL. Good Luck to yall.

What You Said!!!

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Monterica Sade said...

I honestly, do not think she finds him attractive. I read Super Head's first tell all book and from what I read, his sex is not all that good, if I remember correctly. I don't even think she ever found Flav attractive.