Sunday, September 26, 2010

Ciara on: Keri Hilson swagger jacking her style.

My bitch CiCi has spoken out on Keri Hilson tryna be like her. Heres what she had 2 say....

“There’s a very, very strong difference between myself and Keri. So I’m not even in that space to go there. I’m way past that mentally and creatively… It’s best that I give my fans what they want.”

“It would be crazy to say I haven’t heard that question before, but mentally I’m not even there…”

“I honestly don’t feel like my spot has ever been taken. If you place Rihanna and Beyoncé aside of each other, you would be able to see clearly that there’s a difference…I’m just pushing to be the best in my own world.”

In other words...YES! CiCi know damn well she feel like Keri Wilson jackin her style. I mean me personally...I dont feel that way. I love both of they ass. As long as they aint BeYAWNce. lol. And CiCi u rite. You spoy has never been taken and it never will be. Now I admit that the Fantasy Ride album was a hot ass mess. But this new album Basic Instinct..I got a feeling its gone be fire! Here are 2 new tracks from the new album and from both are BANGERS!!! If its more songs like these 2..then I know the album will be fire. Take a listen....

Ahhhhhhhh!!!!! I love it!!!!!! I wanna dedicate this 2 Chris Brown. lol. And Drake.

ooooooooooooo this is a club BANGER!!!!! Im ready 2 go in! CiCi bitch u betta werk! owwwwww!!!!!!!!

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