Sunday, September 19, 2010

Damn! Even The Game fine ass goin after Kat Stacks!

Okay yesterday I showed yall my hubby Chris Brown goin off on Rat tacks..(clears throat) excuse me Kat Stacks. Now rapper The Game sexy ass goin off on the bitch to. Take a look.....

Damn I thought Chis went off....but Game aint showin no love! lol. Heres what Rat Stacks had to say.....

Boooooooooooo!!!!!! LOL. This bitch is so corny! Game where u at? Put this bitch on blast!

Daaammmmmnnnnnnn from what I see....this Kat bitch is pretty pathetic. LOL. She had nothing else 2 say after this last one by the game. I wonder why?? LOL.

What You Said!!!

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