Saturday, September 18, 2010

Awwwwwww Kanye....its not your fault.

Kanye West is and has been blaming his self for his mothers death. In XXL magazine he was quoted saying this:

"When I moved to LA, she moved to LA. And she wound up in a place that would eat her alive. Even if I stayed in New York, it wouldn't have been like that. If I had lived in New York, she'd still be here."

Kanye I get what u sayin, but u cant look at it like that. You said yourself in your song "Heard Em Say" that people are in your life for a season and everything that happens is for a reason. But she's in a betta place. No sense in beatin yourself up about it. Hell, whup Taylor Swifts ass. Dont take it out on you. You 2 sexy 4 that. Owwwwww! Yasssss. lol.

What You Said!!!

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Monterica Sade said...

Whoop Taylor's ass? Nah, not that deep. Although, I do not feel that the death of his mother is his fault in any way I do understand where he's coming from with the NY to LA thing.