Saturday, September 18, 2010

Why is this bitch still relevant......?????

OMG lol. (nicki minaj voice) Did I kill a queen? lol. Ummmmmm......who is she again?? LOL. What happened to you Kim?? This aint you! This is Tiffany from The Bride Of Chucky. I think she should just retire and have a few kids (is her cooch aint to dry and old) and just live life. The world is different now Kim. And your just not that hott anymore. Sorry. But prove me wrong...

What You Said!!!

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Monterica Sade said...

I actually like Lil Kim and would (honestly) prefer over Minaj. Beyonce is good but, Etta was here first. Sorry, that is just me. Not dissing Nicki, but I LOVE an ORIGINAL copy! The original Mona Lisa painting is worth more than a print... :-)