Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Which one Would You Fuck?!?! Part 5: The Tough Choice

Daaaaammmnnnnnn this a hard choice! LOL. Of course I wanna say Drake, but me and him fuk every nite in my dreams, lol. So ima go wit Trey. LOL. I bet he got sum good dick wit nooooo flaws. lol. J. cole is cute but I just cant see me fuckin him. lol. Idk why. So you guys, comment and tell me who would u fuck!!!! ?????

What You Said!!!


Jolena said...

u a dam mess!!!

Katrice Elston said...

i would have to say trey songz cause drake is sexy to but he like a friend to me & so is j cole but i take trey songz that nice sexy ass body love you trey songz <3 =)