Saturday, September 18, 2010

Hating at its BROKEest.....

.............Apparently. Dip Set [the Cam and Jimmy part anyway] is back and they've jacked Kanye's beat for Runaway to throw shots at 'Ye and Jay.......and.....okay.....The first thing I wanna say is, Cam...u just a big ol queen. And a meatball. You career has been over tried 2 start. Your movies suck. Your ageing badly. And your teeth aint fixd....but having said that....that is no reason 2 hate and make diss tracks against Kanye. And then u did it 2 his beat???? Who the fuck does that?? And you Jim....dont get me started on you Ms. Thang. Yo wig is neva fixed and u look like u smell like salami. Moving on. Ye and Jay keep doing yall thing you evil Illuminati muhfuckas, (i dont really believe And these big Queens will just fade away.

What You Said!!!

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