Sunday, September 26, 2010

Okay yall....Lets talk about Montana Fishburne......

Listen....I have mad respect 4 this bitch! Idgaf! She just doing what she got 2 do 2 get this money! Her lame ass daddy wasnt doin shit 4 her, so she went out and got it on her own. And I respect dat. Get that money bitch. LOL. And she gettin dick in the process?!?!?!? Yassssss hunny! lol. Now Laurence Fishburne....u kno u a dead beat ass bitch. And u shouldn't have shit 2 say about her becoming a Porn Star, for the simple fact that yo ass wasn doin shit 4 her. So sit yo old ass down Ike. lol. And let her do her. Thank u.

What You Said!!!

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