Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Im Pissed!!!!! How could you do this 2 me Drake!!!

First you marry my best friend Nicki Minaj and now this?!?!?!:

Drake and Rihanna were MAKING OUT, at New York's hotspot, Greenhouse for the Official Afterparty to Drake's concert. An insider explained, "Everyone was shocked, I know Drake has a girl and Rihanna has that baseball guy. They didn't care WHO saw it."

Aubrey im sick of u cheatin on me!!!! I have been nothing but good 2 you!!! You asked 2 Find My Loving...and I gave it to you!! And it was like Fireworks! But thats okay Drake! You gone Thank Me Later!!! And u most definitely gonna Miss Me a little when im gone. Drake its Oooover yeah its Ooover! Sike! Its far from Over! I still love you Drake. lol

What You Said!!!


Anonymous said...

i knw she aint cheatn on me! and him too! ugh! #died -sumthn serious

D.C. Cantrell said...

LOL. Bish u betta back up off my man. Fuck her! But he's mine.

Jolena said...

lmbo!!! u a trip