Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ooooo groupie story about...NELLY!!

Met Nelly like 6 years ago, back in my hometown before I moved to the west coast. I was like 19. He and the St. Lunatics had a concert that my girlfriend and I went to. It was a small venue, so we were in like the 5th row. After the concert one of the body guards came out and pulled us backstage (I’m the baddest chick in the state, they saw that and they got on it.) Well come to find out, it was on of the St. Lunatics (don’t remember his name now. I actually don’t remember any of them, that’s how insignificant they are…lol.) Anyway, one of "them" had me pulled back stage cause he wanted to meet me.

He ended up talking to us (me and my girlfriend) for about 30 minutes and invited us to follow their tour bus to this club around the way. When we got there Nelly and the Lunatics were in VIP. They saw us at the door and motioned for us to come in. And it was on and poppin’, bottles, music, the works. It was a good time. The St. Lunatic (he’s the one that’s really not cute. Damn I can’t think of his name…) said to follow the [tour] bus to the hotel. At this point Nelly had seen me in the VIP and had made his way over. He instantly started spittin' mad game in my ear. And trust me when I tell you he has MAD game. He told us to go to the car and follow the bus, that it would be pullin’ out the alley in 5 minutes.

We start to follow the bus, and like 5 cars of crazy bitches pull out of nowhere and start zooming after this it (apparently we weren’t the only ones invited). So we get to the hotel, park and hurry inside. The ugly St. Lunatic that invited me, saw me and wanted me and my girl to hang out with him. I told him I’d be right back, I just wanted to get Nelly to sign something for me. He said, "Well goodbye, it was nice to know you. ‘Cause once you go see him you won’t come back to me." So, so true.

We go upstairs to the penthouse. There was another girl there, with hellah Nelly shit on. His name was spray painted all over her clothes, like a real groupie. After a minute he takes her out into the hall, and comes back by himself. (Apparently I was the baddest chick. lol.) We smoke some killer weed, he eats mad gummy bears, talks and hangs out for a minute. His boy comes in and converses with my girl while me and Nelly make our way back t o his room.

How was the sex?
His d*ck isn’t the biggest. But he is the freak of the week. He loves to talk. Loves to get head. Loves to have sex, period. Like for hours. He will pass out inside you. Wake up 2 hours later and commence to f*cking. I swear. It was my first celeb experience and it was amazing.

Are you still in contact?
We have been dealing with each other for 6 years now. Whenever he’s out here, I’m with him. He was a greedy lover at first, but if he gets into you and trust you, he'll go all out.

Ummmm....six years ago?? Well bitch u betta werk! Daaaammmnnnnn I hope this is true!!! LOL. Th things I would do 2 him! Yassssss!

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