Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ohhh Eemmm Geee!!!! KANYE WEST...IS GAY!!!

Word is...that Ms. Kanye West got him a man hunny! Yasssss! LOL. Dont worry, b4 u give me the U A LIE look...I got all the tea! LOL. So here it goes.....

First off, I have to tell you a little bit about dude. His name is Cassius Marcellus Cornelius Clay. He’s a 6 foot 5, 20 year old young man from a very WELL OFF old money family. He went to the prestigious Andover prep school and currently attends Yale University . . . oh, and he’s a FASHIONISTA who carries around a $15,000 BIRKIN PURSE!!!

Ooooo weeee Kanye get them coins hunny! Yassss...oops okay movin on...Hers how these 2 queens met..

In the midst of shopping, a man approaches Cassius, taps him on the shoulder, and tells him that he really, really loves the footwear. Cassius looks up; it’s Kanye West. Cassius keeps it cool, thanks him, and introduces himself. The stars align; history is made. (This moment will almost certainly be reenacted dramatically on Behind The Music.)

The two get to talking as they shop. Kanye loves Cassius’ style, his attitude, his patrician hipsterdom. They talk for over half an hour. Kanye begins to reveal a little more about himself: his reinvention in the wake of the Taylor Swift disaster, and his thoughts on life, art, philosophy, hos (maybe), etc. Cassius advises the rapper on his day’s purchases. Eventually the two leave the store, shopping bags in tow, and exchange phone-numbers and emails. Kanye promises to keep in touch.

Kanye u betta get that booty gurl! Who knew Kanye was a booty bandit???!?!? (I did) lolololol. Omg this is 2 much. But im not done! Wait!....

Over many an email and phone call, the 20-year-old begins to offer his wise consul on matters beyond fashion — personal and emotional — which Kanye readily accepts. Kanye decides he needs to apologize to Taylor Swift. At this point, the rapper wants to commisserate daily. . .

Finally, at the end of the summer, the “College Dropout” seals the deal: he asks the Yale sophomore to dropout of Yale and become a part of his inner posse, traveling around with him for the rest of the year, helping him through his life’s lowpoint.

Okay I've heard all I need 2 hear. This meatball dropped outta college 4 Ye??....that seals teh deal 4 me. Kanye is gay. And I want him. lol. What yall think?? After readin this. Is Kanye Gay or not? Let me kno what yall think. Becuz I've made up my mind.

What You Said!!!

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