Sunday, September 19, 2010

OMG! Daammmnnn!!! Groupie story about...Bobby Valentino!!!!!

Me and Bobby met at a private BBQ at a mutual friends house while we watched Sunday night football. I recall being a fan but never really thinking twice about if I was really attracted to him . So after introducing ourselves to one another we exchanged numbers. I was with some friends and we kinda noticed that he was really corny! Trying a bit much to seem cool. Cute but much. My friends and I left the BBQ and went home. Bobby texted me soon after asking if I wanted to meet up later hinting towards sex , but never came out and said it. I denied him, too soon I thought. The very next day we arranged to meet at his condo in Atlanta . When I arrived he was in his boxers playing NBA live. I sat next to him nervous for some reason, as he begin to light a blunt. He asked if I smoked and when I smoked it I begin to choke really hard. He laughed. Since I couldn't handle that he figured I should take my clothes off and dance for him in my heels. I did. He
rubbed my soft skin and he kissed my inner thighs. I stood still as he smelled my pussy for the longest just staring at me as he continued to kiss on me. I undressed him knowing I wouldn't be surprised , I wasn't at ALL. His dick was thin ... About 6 inches, after all he is only 5'5. I began to kiss around his penis where his skin was so soft and he smelled amazing. I swallowed his entire penis which drove him crazy. He is a real moaner! After about two min he stopped me putting a condom on and turned me around ! He screwed me as if he were running out of time!!!!! Too fast with no stroke at all. Almost like a rabbit! He wanted me to stare at him but before I could turn my head he slowed down. He came. He layed on the bed like he was exausted!!!!! I played along tellin him he was the best. He told me that he was never gonna let me go. I noticed it was getting late and I put my clothes on and left. Since then we text and he calls every now and then. I
was in his " hands on me" video and we are still cool. I give him head occasionally but I will NEVER have sex with him again.

O wow!! LOL. U kno what, I use 2 have the biggest crush on this dude...but Nah im just kidding. He still a cutie. I hope this aint true becuz if it is, my fantasies and wet dreams have been ruined. lol. But if it is true....that shit is funny as hell. Am I the only one picturing Bobby doing the "Jack Rabbit"?? lol. Ughhhh....

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