Saturday, September 11, 2010

Yall kno this dude from the Hair Battle Spectacular??

Well my bitch had this to say....

I used to just wear pumps but now I wear boots, shorts and thigh highs. I know women understand when you put on heels it makes you feel different. It gives you a different swag, a different walk. It gives you confidence. You feel good, you feel sexy. So I got to the point now where I’d do what I want to do. At first it was just for me and I didn’t understand what impact it was gonna have on people. [But] when I go to the club–I’ll be at a gay club and these guys will come up to me and be like, “You helped me be who I am,” and at first I was like, “I don’t care, I didn’t do this for you,” but then as I started to really see what I was doing without knowing I was doing it, I started to embrace the situation.

It’s not just with gay men but with straight women, too. Women will say, “I never used to wear heels until I saw you wearing heels,” or, “You make me more confident in myself” so seeing that from me just being myself and doing what I do is changing peoples lives–it’s my responsibility to keep it going.

My response:

Bitch u betta work! I loooove this nigga 4 the simple fact that he dont give a F.U.C.K. what any nigga or bitch has 2 say about him. Yasssss. Work bitch! He gives em life everytime he walks out with a new pair of heels on that show. And he doen't care. Im sayin that 2 say this...DO YOU!!! Stop worryin about what the next bitch doin. If u dont wanna wear a bra, by all means let them titties hang gurl. If u gay and on the downlo, bring yo ass out the closet you big ol Queen. Cant nobody stop you from doin you. I go by that rule everyday in my life. Which is why im one of the baddest bitches you'll eva meet. Yassss! Get ya life gurl get ya life! Owwwwwww!!!!!

What You Said!!!